Bolts & Studs

High Tensile Bolt Manufacturer India

AADI SHREE FASTENERS  is the biggest manufacturer for larger diameter high tensile bolts & nuts in India, we have a monthly production of over 300 tons in bigger sizes from M-24 to M-64 in 8.8 and 10.9 grade. These bolts & nuts are used in energy sector like wind, solar, thermal and hydro energy. These are also used widely in all other kind of sectors namely, transportation, railways, heavy engineering, Valves and pump Industry, Bridges and road constructions, cross country pipelines, flange joints and other critical applications. We are the pioneers in manufacturing critical bolts & nuts for the wind energy sector in India. These bolts & nuts are manufactured only by hot forging process and we have the complete list of machines in our factory to manufacture these bolts & nuts.

Hex bolts, or hex cap screws. are used in machinery and construction. Can be used with a nut, or in a tapped hole. Fully threaded hex bolts are also known as tap bolts. 

Machine screws are fully threaded for use with a nut or in a tapped hole. Certain types are some-times referred to as stove bolts. 

Socket screws are machine screws with an internal hex socket (Allen) drive. Longer lengths may have a smooth shank. 

Carriage bolts have smooth, domed heads with a square section underneath that pulls into the material to prevent spinning during installation. 

Nuts are used to fasten machine threaded fasteners in through-hole applications. Lock nuts help prevent loosening. 

Washers  spread the load over a greater surface area when tightening a bolt, screw or nut. Lock washers help prevent loosening. 



Zinc-plated steel is a low carbon steel for general use. Relatively inexpensive, with the zinc plating providing moderate corrosion resistance suitable for indoors or otherwise dry conditions. Color is either a blue-ish tint or yellow depending on the exact process.

Hot-dipped galvanized steel has a thicker zinc corrosion resistance. coating for better making it suitable for outdoor use. Because of the thick plating, only galvanized nuts and washers will fit galvanized bolts. The coating typically has a rough, dull grey finish. 

Stainless steel offers good corrosion resistance. making it suitable for outdoor use and marine applications, but is more expensive than zinc plated. 

Alloy steel is highly A. hardened and usually black oxide and/or oil coated, offering little corrosion resistance  

Materials & Grades

Carbon Steelsteel

SAE 1006, 1008, 1010, 1018, 1022, C35, C40, C45, 1514, EN8D, EN8A, EN8M, ENTA(pb), S35C, S45C, S48C, S20C

Boron Steel 

SAE 10B21, 15B25, 19MnB4, 19MnB4HCHCr, 10B35, 15B41

Alloy Steel 

 SAE 8620, 4135, 4140, 52100, 4037, 6135, EN-19, EN-24, EN-31, EN-42, SCM420, SCM435, SCM 440, 16MnCr, 20MnCr5

Stainless Steel 

SS201, SS202, SS302, SS304L, SS304Cu, SS304H, SS304HC, SS309, SS310, SS316, SS316Ti, SS410